place des Vosges

About the famous Place des Vosges

Fews words of the history of the Place des Vosges Place des Vosges is undoubtedly one of the things to see when you come to Paris. Located in the Marais Area, Place des Vosges is the oldest square in Paris. The building of the royal place started in 1604 under the reign of Henri IV, who, at Read More

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Stroll in the covered passages of Paris

I take you stroll through the covered passages of Paris. What are the covered passages of Paris? The covered passages are footpaths traced in the middle of buildings and covered by a glass roof. The lighting supported by streetlights, contributes to the charm of these places. Architecture change from one gallery to another. Built in Read More

The Cafés in Paris

In France, the « café » is not only a beverage but also a place commonly called “bistrot” which is a part of the bustle of everyday life. Becoming successful places to meet, cafés play a social role. In Paris, the history of some of them and famous people who frequented them made some institutions mythical places Read More

Bridges in Paris

  Under the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine And our love …. In France, who does not know these first verses of Guillaume Apollinaire’s poem? For centuries, bridges of Paris are places where people like to be photographed, where they take a break from their walk and where they can stroll along watching the Seine Read More

pistachio macaron

The success of the french macarons

Why talk about the french macaron? Because macarons can be found everywhere and please everyone! In the windows of pastries and bakeries, on the dessert menu in restaurants, in the tearooms, at social gathering… Parisians become fad for that biscuit, but in reality, its history began long ago… When was the appearance of this little round Read More

Avenue Montaigne: The temple of fashion and luxury

Situated in the 8th district of Paris, it is with the Champs Elysées and Avenue George V, the so-called Golden Triangle. It is embellished by gardens surrounded by railings. History of the Avenue Montaigne Till the end of the 19th century, the Avenue Montaigne had a mainly residential vocation. It was surrounded by beautiful buildings and Read More

The Baguette, famous french bread

Of flour, salt, yeast and water, bread is far from simple food. Religious emblem and economic marker, it is a tradition, a symbol of France.
This french bread is recognizable by its elongated shape. It is the most famous and requested loaf in bakeries. Read More

The French elegance: myth or reality?

If you ask a stranger how he perceives the French woman, he surely will answer, she is elegant, chic. And this answer remains timeless. This concept, is very close to the world of the French, renowned fashion all over the world. The specifically French obsession of the taste, the beauty and the culture finds its Read More